Shining Chariot

“Ugh, I brought the wrong shade, can I borrow yours?” Selene was applying her eyeliner, holding herself to the wall with her feet wedged under the stabilizing bar. Cynth angled toward her and held out their hand.

“Here babe!” Selene underhand tossed the tube of lipstick to Cynth, who had wedged themself to the opposite wall of the pod.

Cynth grabbed the stick out of the air, as it slowly glided towards them. They slowly applied the lipstick, savoring the moment and feel of the pigment brushing up against their lips. “I’m really glad you have the right shade. It’s just too far to turn back towards the ship, you know.”

Selene finished prepping and released herself from the bar and pushed herself towards Cynth, holding them tight as she got closer. “It’s okay babe! Just be more mindful in the future. I swear, you’d forget your phone if you didn’t have to swipe into the pod.” Selene looked at the console. “Oh shit! Hurry up. We’ve almost connected.”

The pod shook for a brief second as an arm from the Lunar Lagrange 3 grabbed their pod and stabilized its flight path towards its attachment port. The sliding of metal into metal, and wires into wires could be heard through the pod, and then the two floating passengers felt gravity slowly assert itself in the pod.

Selene used Cynth as an anchor point as she stabilized herself into standing. “You’re going to like this next guy, trust me!”

Cynth slipped the lipstick back into Selene’s bag before responding. “No offense, but your boyfriends kind of always suck.”

Selene said, “No! Not this one. Jericho isn’t like the others.” 

Cynth opened up the door of their pod and music flooded in. The two passengers stepped onto the dance floor and Cynth turned around to swipe the door shut with her phone while Selene started scanning through the crowded room. She had difficulty seeing too far, between the smoke and the flashing lights, the bodies began to blur together.

Selene shouted over the roaring music, inches from Cynth, “Oh! I think thats him by the bar! It’s the tall guy, the one with the curly undercut! I think.”

Cynth was focusing on trying to find the guy when she felt Selene’s hand, coarse from working on their ships engines, grab her and drag her towards the bar. Cynth looked at the fingers curled around hers, the short nails were disappointingly expertly polished, forming a sort of holographic image that shifted depending on which color came from the lights.

They stopped right by the bar and Selene took her hand from Cynth and stood up tall to tap the tall man on the padded shoulder of his bright pink suit. He turned around and seeing her beamed a bright smile. “Selene!” He shouted, “Is that you! It’s an honor to see you in the flesh!” He looked her up and down, focusing on her flamboyant and loose top that was going for a sort of 1980s aesthetic. “’Sweet Tricks’ I love that band too!” 

Cynth said, “Cool suit! Very 1980s.”

Jericho didn’t seem to respond and instead said to Selene, “Come here!” as he picked her up in a tight hug. While she was still in the air, they kissed and Cynth turned around to scan the floor for anyone interesting.

“We’re going to dance! Can you hold my bag?” Selene handed Cynth her utility bag, modified to look more neon and shiny.

Cynth walked over to the side of the dance floor and sat by themself, looking across the floor and seeing Jericho and Selene dancing. Cynth focused on the way Selene moved, so confident and free, to her own rhythm and in her own style. But Jericho danced like an idiot; off beat and with jerky movements. Cynth furrowed their brow and decided to adjust their lipstick.

Cynth could smell the bag as they brought it closer. It smelled like Selene’s gentle lilac perfume, but underneath that was the scent of the exhaust fumes that followed Selene whenever she left the engine room for the day. They opened the bag and began to look for the lipstick. While rooting through the bag, Cynth found Selene’s phone, unlocked.

“Fuck it.”

Cynth pulled the phone out of the bag and started typing. “@WallsOfJericho2087 has a small dick.” Post.

Looking across the dance floor in a panic, Cynth saw Selene walking over, alone. Cynth quickly shoved the phone back deep into the bag, a little grateful that the thick crowd was slowing Selene down.

Selene sat down next to Cynth, her thigh brushing up against Cynth’s. Cynth froze for a second, warmth flooding their face. They leaned over towards Selene and whispered, “Hey, uhm, there’s something I want to talk about. Can we go, like, talk in the pod.”

Selene quickly grabbed Cynth’s hand and started walking over to the pod, stopping only for a second to pick up her bag.

As they reached the entrance to the pod, Jericho cut them off, holding up his phone to Selene. On his screen was a post from ShiningChariot85. He shouted over the music, “What the fuck Selene!”

Selene looked to Cynth, who was avoiding her gaze. Then she looked towards her bag, and back to Jericho. “What I post is my business, back the fuck off.”

Selene took Cynth’s phone from their pocket and swiped into the pod.

After closing the door in Jericho’s face, Selene turned to Cynth and said, “You’re not going to like any of my boyfriends, are you?”

Cynth wouldn’t match Selene’s gaze, but whispered, “…no.”

“I didn’t know…”


Selene reached for Cynth’s chin, adjusted their head to look at her, and leaned in for a kiss.

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2 thoughts on “Shining Chariot

  1. Absolutely love that Selene, Cynth(ia), and Jericho all have moon names. Really enjoy all the little details of Cynth being super enamored but Selene not quite getting it. Cynth noticing polished holographic nails and desperately trying to figure out if Selene likes girls or not 😂 Honestly mood.

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