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The Three of Staves

So I am running behind on stories, so here is a tarot card I drew recently.

The Three of Staves

So this is the Three of Staves. I need to make some fixes to the art, there is a tangent between the left leg and the left staff, which is when two lines share the same space for a while. It makes art look flatter, so I need to fix that.

5 Tarot Cards

Today I’m going to be posting 5 tarot cards I’ve drawn and their artistic influences. I hope you enjoy!

The Two of Swords
Renee Magritte’s Not to Be Reproduced
The 5 of Staves
Witches Flight Goya.jpg
Francisco Goya’s Witches Flight
The Lovers
Renee Magritte’s The Lovers II
The Star
Burney Relief
5 of Cups
Pause at 1:30 for the inspiration

So these are some of the influences in the deck. There are many more coming in future cards. The Pieta as well as Gustav Klimt are coming in future cards.

I’ve been kind of busy lately with a lot of going away parties and art shows, so please bear with me. I will be updating this blog with more stories in a bit. I will have a lot of free time throughout August, so hopefully I can get a nice buffer and also work on some bigger projects as well.