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Brewed Awakenings Excerpt 3

Still working on the first draft of Brewed Awakenings. I will return to posting short stories January 15th. Until then, please enjoy these humorous excerpts from my novel about coffee that makes people disappear.

Libraries are one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and I am counting all inventions that have so far been invented, including the interrogation skeleton patented by Helene Adelaide Shelby in 1927. It was a ghastly invention that made a skeleton appear to form out of thin air in an interrogation room, in order to scare confessions out of criminals. While not very practical, it definitely gains points for style.

So even with inventions like that, the library is definitely one of the best. A library is a a building, or maybe a section of a building, that contains many many books on a variety of subjects and topics. These books are usually organized in such a way that it makes it easier to find a book that you are looking for. Originally this was done by organizing books into categories, and then by using little cards to show which section any given book might be in. Now, at the front of the Toledo library there are several computers where you can type in a book in order to find where it would be placed. There are also several librarians in each library, who, although they contain frightening power and immense superhuman strength, they are actually quite helpful and friendly.