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I am very sorry. I have been recovering from some sort of respiratory illness for the past two and some weeks. I had a fever for most of it as well. I am feeling much better now, but am still recovering. I plan on starting writing again fairly soon, I just have to feel clear headed enough to do so. Otherwise I have been feeling healthy and stable. Thank you for your understanding everyone.

Also, I really recommend watching Dr. John Campbell on youtube. He is posting daily videos about covid 19 and how it is affecting the world. He talks about things very calmly and thoroughly. I think hes a great resource in this trying time.

Coronavirus Setback

Hey gang, I’m very sorry. There is no story going up today. I have been dealing with the coronavirus information in Japan, including the school I teach at being closed down. I will be trying to use this time to write as much as possible, but things may be rough. Due to my diabetes, I am very anxious about the whole outbreak.


I write short stories, around 1,000 words each. The stories range from science fiction to fantasy, horror to comedy, light to dark.

I post them twice a month. One is posted on the 15th of every month, and the other is posted right around when the month switches over.

I often write about disability, feeling confused, and holding onto small hopes.

Please enjoy my stories.

Started a Patreon

Hey gang. I started a Patreon account for this site. The more money I get on there, the more I can post on here. The more I can post on here, the better I get as a writer. And it goes cyclical from there. Anyway, if you like what I do, please consider joining my Patreon at or sharing it and this wordpress account around.

This is probably better than Tumblr for this.

I figured that wordpress might be a better fit for starting my writing stuff than tumblr. So I’m moving it to here.

I will be adding a short story every 15th. They will each be about 1,000 words long, or a section of a longer story, the section being 1,000 words long. I’ll keep it organized into genres, and maybe themes.

Here, look at my tarot card back design.